Disability Policy

The following is our firm policy regarding Ontario Regulation 429/07, which deals with both the treatment of, and accommodation for, people with disabilities.

Treatment of: all people, including employees, clients, visitors and all others are to be treated with respect and dignity.

Accomodations for Adelaide Place Building

  • Entrances are equipped with automatic door operators with ramp access from the sidewalk to entrances at both 150 York St. and 181 University Ave. There are platform stair lifts located on the P2 level of the parking garage and at the tunnel connection between 150 York & 130 Adelaide St. W.
  • An accessible washroom is located on the ground floor at the back of the 150 York St. elevator lobby, which has an automatic door operator and fixtures which are properly positioned.
  • Elevators are equipped with audio and tactile functions to assist people with getting to all floors.
  • Flashing strobe lights in common areas in case of fire.
  • Security officers are on site 24/7 and are able to direct and escort people who may require it.

  • Accomodations for Our Premises

  • Wireless network available for connection to the internet with a personal laptop, iPad or Blackberry.
  • Certified braillist on staff (Diane Lapidus).
  • Water bowl for service dog.
  • Evacuation procedures in place for those needing assistance (part of the fire warden handout and known to the floor fire marshals).

  • Complaints

    Any complaint regarding service by either our employee(s) or building staff should be directed to Eleni Makris at emakris@smockumzarnett.com or at 416-868-2325.